Buyer Tips

First-Time Buyer Tips

Maybe you've been eyeing the real estate market and you think that you're finally ready to purchase your first home...if so, read on to be sure you're in the best position. The rules have drastically changed in the real estate market. At one time, getting a mortgage seemed to require little more than just simply [...]

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How to be a Successful Home Buyer

To make sure you’re prepared to succeed with your home purchase, you need to do these two things: First, make an assessment your personal finances and get your financing in order.  If possible, find a licensed financial advisor (available at Archers Homes) to help you understand your cash needs and long-term objectives.  Then, talk to [...]

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Are You Ready for Homeownership?

The decision to pursue homeownership may be based on many factors: everything from a friend’s decision to purchase a home or a family member’s advice against “throwing your money away on rent” to your bad experience with a landlord or the noisy neighbors sharing your wall. While all of those scenarios (minus peer pressure, of [...]

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Buying a Forclosure

With the current economic conditions the number of foreclosures properties on the market is significant, making it an ongoing issue for many REALTORS®who may not be as experienced with the process and have the unenviable task of clearing these sales as efficiently as possible. The challenges of buying foreclosures and short sales are numerous. Unresponsive [...]

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Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction

Are you considering buying a home? If so, you know getting started is among the toughest steps—establishing budget, finding a Realtor and truly coming to know what type of home you want. Is a condo right for you? Are you interested in renovated properties? Planned communities? New versus old? That last consideration gives many potential [...]

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